Theater One

Tickets & Times

What's In The Box?


May 5 - 21




8pm Friday May 5

2pm Sunday May 7


8pm Friday May 12

8pm Saturday May 13

2pm Sunday May 14


8pm Friday May 19

8pm Saturday May 20

2pm Sunday May 21



No performance Saturday May 6





Tickets at the door


(916) 483-9283 x209



























What's In The Box?

Produced by Lonon Smith


10 Plays, each 10 Minutes, for $10



This Polar Bear Walks Into a Bar

Leo McElroy


Driver's License and Registration

Matt Hanf



Gene Griffith


Battle Ready

Jamison Blanchard


Fork Food

Letha Dawson


Where's this Train Going?

Bruce Guelden


Intensity of Life

Mark Smith


Coat of Gold

Susan Jackson


Sumpin' for Breakfast

Irwin Rosenblum


A Sticky Situation

Jeri Weiss